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Growing up, I spent weekends on my great-grandparents' ranch on the southwest side of Bozeman, Montana. Both of my great-grandparents came from pioneering homesteading families who came to Montana on wagon trains and settled towns such as Salesville (now Gallatin Gateway). We've been in the valley now for six generations and I am SO proud.

Spending time on the ranch with family who had such deep-seated roots gave me a true passion and respect for nature and the living creatures that make my home state such a special place. As long as I've had memories, I've had memories of drawing and painting. Although my main subjects are usually of the equine variety, I also enjoy painting many of the other beautiful things, animal and otherwise, that call Montana home.


I work from photo references and am drawn to subjects that make me smile. It might be a tilt of the head, a flop of the ear, or the way the light hits "just right". I work in professional grade watercolor paints on 140 lb. 100% cotton cold pressed watercolor paper. I create original paintings and accept commission requests. I also have giclée fine art prints made from some of my originals. In my Etsy shop, you will find note cards, greeting cards, and mugs as well.


The biggest joy of my artist experience is seeing someone light up when they see my work. It truly is the best complement.

Keely Holmes, Artist
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